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Recently my family became victims of a very elaborate investment scam. To make a long story short, we invested our money into an account that was accessible by the criminal and they have taken all of our money, including loans taken out in our name. We are now stuck paying these loans while the FBI investigates and tries to find our money and return it. We don’t know if we will ever get any of it back. We are very reliant on God providing for us.

God is not letting us down. We have had plenty of food and are someone managing to get the bills paid. We have had people provide food and some financial support. We have been able to do extra work to earn more money. We know we cannot do this alone.

I have spent a lot of time with God recently and much of the messages that I am getting through devotionals or posts on Christian social media accounts have had similar messages.

The main ones are:
God cares about the big and little desires of our hearts.

God wants us to share our struggles with those around us so that when these problems can only be solved with miracles, and he solves them, everyone can see how wonderful he is and how he cares for us and provides for us.

God used us to perform His miracles.

I just want to highlight a very specific instance of God providing for us. I have been a member of a group online called “Buy Nothing”. It’s on Facebook and each group is in a small (area) community. My city actually has 2, dividing our city in half so you are only in group with your actual neighbors. People offer items they don’t need for free. Sometimes people make request for certain things. God is using this group to help provide for us.

Soon after the theft, I realized we needed new shoes for my youngest. He wears a size 11.5, not cheap and not easy to find. I put a request out for gently used shoes in his size. (I have not mentioned our financial issues in the group and no one knew about it at that time). Someone offered up a pair of brand new shoes in exactly his size. I’m still a bit speechless on that gift. This had to be a God gift.

I plan to continue a series about how God keeps showing up and providing. I’d love to hear how God is providing for you.

If you feel moved to help us in our financial struggle, we would greatly appreciate any and all support. Please pray for our situation and for the criminal, that they will find God and stop hurting people with their evil actions and repent.

Here is the link to our Go Fund me https://gofund.me/e49f07fd

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