Favorite Amazon Finds


So if you are anything like me, you do a lot of shopping on Amazon.  Sometimes you find the most amazing products, and other times, not so much.

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I am going to share with you some of my favorite finds!


Hair diffuser

Growing up I had straight hair, it would not hold curl. My mom tried everything to get my hair to hold curl and nothing would last. Not even the a spiral perm that everyone had back in the late 80’s (that’s 1980″s if any Gen Z’s or younger are reading this!)

Well after my second child, my hair decided it was curly! So I have had to learn how to manage curly hair. I have tried a few diffusers, and I FINALLY found an incredible one!

This is the best! Just click on the pic to get yours! At the time of this post it’s only $21.97!!!!

Wet Hair Brush

My next Amazon Find is also a hair product! When you have curly hair, you need a good wet brush. You can’t brush our dry hair when you have curls! This brush is AMAZING!!

It’s also easy to clean!


Front Door Wreath Hanger

For many years I have not had nor hung a wreath on my front door, because I did not want a hanger to scratch the door. I found this wonderful damage free hook. There’s no adhesive either! You simply hook the cord over the top corner of the door and the hook part rests against the door. There is soft and smooth piece on the back so your door will not get scratched!

Bed Sheets

There is nothing better than crawling into bed when you have the perfect sheets! We all know sheets can be expensive. I found these on Amazon and I was initially skeptical because the price was so low. They are so soft! They remind me of bamboo cotton sheets. They come with a Lifetime Guarantee, and the King set comes with 6 pillow cases! (the twin comes with 2 and the full and Queen come with 4). It’s even available in Twin XL…perfect for dorm life!

Extra Pyrex Lids

Several of my pyrex lids have cracked over the years and I can’t believe I did not think of this sooner!! I found these on Amazon and at a great price too!

Absorbent cloths

I found these without even looking for them, but they seemed like a good buy and they were inexpensive.  They are incredibly soft and very absorbent.   I keep one or two by my kitchen sink at all times and they are great for cleaning up spills!

Try these out and tell me what you think!


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