Snow Activities For Toddlers

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Snow Day Activities for Toddlers
If you know a cold day is coming, add some colored water to balloons, set them outside to freeze. Once the water in the balloon freezes, tear away the balloon to have a colored ball of ice!
Before it snows, set some bowls or flat baking sheets outside to get cold and catch the snow without causing it to melt. When the bowls are full of snow, bring them in to play in the snow. Be sure to put them on a water proof surface, or in the bathtub. You can put a plastic table cloth down, or just use trash bags. Use spoons or small cups and bowls to scoop and play in the snow.
To work on language skills, help your child describe the snow. Ask your child these questions:
How does the snow feel? Is it cold? It is hot? Is it wet? What color is the snow? Is it soft? Use these words to describe the snow, especially if your child does not have the words to use themselves. White, fluffy, cold, wet, squishy,

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Go outside!
Stomping around and making footprints can be great fun for a toddler.
Get a spray bottle and add some colored water and spray paint the snow.
If the snow packs, create snow balls or roll them into bigger balls and make a snow man. Talk about the body parts of the snow man. Use sticks, small stones or pine cones to create a face, and arms for the snow man.
You can use cups or small baking pans to pack the snow in and create bricks and create a line of snow blocks or a small wall.
Be creative!


Here are some great toys that are perfect for snow days: Click Here

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