Fun with Stickers for Toddlers

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Many young kids like stickers, but did you ever think about all the educational things there are that you can do with stickers?  I am going to outline some for you here.

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Learn body parts.

For this activity its good to use small stickers, but any size you have will do.  Start by putting some stickers on your child’s face, arms, hands, legs and feet.  Next give instructions about what sticker to take off. Use a mirror so that they can see the ones on their face.  You can also give your child a sticker then give them instructions about where to put it.  You can have them put them on you or on themselves. You can also draw a face or body on paper and put the stickers on the picture.

Learn prepositions!

For this activity you can grab a piece of paper and draw a line across it, dividing it in half from top to bottom. Tell your child to put a sticker “above” or “below” the line.  You can also use words ‘high” on the paper or “low” on the paper.  You can draw a square on the paper and tell your child to put stickers beside the square, inside, outside, on top, under, etc.

Practice number concepts.

Using a piece of paper you can make groups of dots, or stars, or whatever shape you want and have your child put the same number of stickers near or on top of the shapes.  For example, you can draw 1 star, then a few inches away draw 2 stars and so on.  Feel free to write the corresponding numbers alongside it.  Encourage your child to only put the same number of stickers as shapes.  This helps with 1 to 1 correspondence.

Improve Fine Motor Skills

Kids can work on their fine motor skills by peeling the stickers off the paper.  You may have to help lift the edge of the sticker up, but let your child use their fingers to peel it off and stick it on.  Some children will need practice to hold the sticker page in one hand while peeling off a sticker with the other.


Many sticker sheets or sticker booklets come with duplicate stickers.  Look for matches.  You can even take small pieces of paper and put 1 sticker per paper and make a memory game.  You can use the paper face up with younger kids and just look for matches.  With children under the age of 4 just use 3 at a time, 2 that match and 1 that doesn’t match.


Depending on the type of stickers you have you may be able to sort them into categories.  First you could separate them by types of items such as cars and animals. Next, you could separate them by color. You could also separate them by shapes.


Here are some fun reusable sticker books. Please remember, as with any small items, children should be monitored when using these so that they do not try to eat them.

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