504 Accommodations For ADHD

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When parents ask for, or are granted a 504 for their child with ADHD, they often do not know what accommodations to ask for.  I have made a list of things that are commonly put into a 504 and things that we asked for. This is not an exhaustive list, merely a starting point.

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Extended testing time

We got extended testing time, for my son.  This mostly applied to standardized tests, but if needed he was allowed to have extra time to finish tests.

Small group testing

We got small group testing for standardized tests. You can legally opt out of those if the cause too much stress. My son liked taking tests and he does well on tests so we have not opted out.

Extra sensory breaks

We also got 2 extra sensory breaks (movement breaks) and no taking away recess.  My son had the opportunity to go to a sensory room and do some “heavy work” picking thing ups that were heavy for him, climbing, swinging etc.  He got to choose what he did during the breaks.  These helped a lot!

Check in/check out

We used check in/check out to make sure homework gets taken home & turned in. This 504 Accommodation can be done with a teacher or sometimes an older student can come into the classroom to be a buddy and help your child if they are able to recall when they might need when asked.


My son was able to use of fidgets in class. This is a very popular 504 accommodation, and some teachers allow these without a 504 plan.  To see a list of possibilities see this post.

Calming corner

In his classroom the teacher made a calming corner (available for any child but my son got to plan it & have “first dibs” if needed).  For great suggestions on how to make a calming corner, check here.

Emergency card

My son had an “emergency card” to use as a signal that he needed to get out of the room ASAP.

Study carrel

We also had “study carrel” available, it was a desk with walls on the top to block 3 sides, this was available for anyone in the class & only used by choice! They ended up putting 3 in the class because so many kids wanted to use them.  You can also use a privacy board, if your school doesn’t have the special desks.



Hopefully these accommodations can help you get started on what things might be helpful for your child.  What 504 accommodations have you used? What 504 accommodations do you suggest?


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