Top Toy Pick Toddlers!

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I recently got this cute little toy cash register for use for work. (I do early intervention therapy for infants and toddlers)

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Let me tell you why this cute little toy is so awesome!

Color sorting and matching

This has 2 different colored coins.  There are 3 slots, one for each colored coin.  The coins will only fit into the corresponding color. This helps instill color matching and color sorting.

Cause and effect

To open the drawer you need to pull down the arm on the side.  Also a “credit card” can be swiped to have the coins drop down from the slots into the drawer.

Fine motor skills

This encourages fine motor development because the child need to grasp and release the coins in to colored slots or into the top slot so that the coins can drop down into the coin cup on the side.


The coins have small bumps on the side that some kids really like to feel.  This is a nice sensory experience.

The children I work with often play with this toy for 10-15 min at a time and repeatedly request to play with this toy.  If you are looking for a toy for a young child, this is a great choice!


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