Mom Must Haves!: A gift wish list for moms!

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Every year my husband asks me gift ideas of I want for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, etc. He does a great job at making me feel loved, and wants to be sure I have what I want/need. Sometimes it’s tricky to decide what gifts I want. I have created a gift  wish list for moms! Most of these items are practical but I promise they will help make your life easier. I have included a few pampering items as well.

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Robo Vac!

I have wanted one for a while and just recently got one.  I did some research and found a great deal on one that is easy to clean/empty, has great suction, and can deal with long hair!  I found this one:

This has done a great job going from carpet to hardwood and over rugs. It has a great features. You can just do a spot clean, do just the edges of a room, and you can control it with a remote so you can send it into a certain room to get started.




Do not let it intimidate you! It comes with clear instructions and walks you through a test run on the pressure cooker setting. I’ve made many things in mine, from porkchops to chili, frozen chicken, and lasagna! There are so many recipes out there! Don’t be afraid to try it!


Air Fryer

Now I don’t have this one yet, this is the next item on my wish list!


Electric bottle opener


This gets a lot of use around here! It’s so much easier than the old fashion ones that you do by hand! This makes opening a bottle a breeze!


Large coffee mug

Seriously, I rarely get to finish my coffee while it’s hot, but this way I only have to make 1 mug full (I add sweetener and cream) and I get a lot of coffee!! If my big mugs break they will be quickly replaced!!


Micro needle tool


There are different versions of this, but this is a beauty treatment that you can do at home. The roller one can be done more often as it does not penetrate your skin the same way the professional one does. I have not bought the pen to do it myself yet. I have had this done professionally and my friend does hers at home with a similar pen, so this too is one my list! This treatment boosts collagen in your skin by creating tiny “injuries” to your skin and then as it heals it produces more collagen.



Audible Gift Memberships

I drive a lot for my “other” job and I love listening to books while I drive. I also listen while walking or cleaning the house. There is a huge selection of books for anyone’s taste.
If you prefer to read, there is Kindle Unlimited. A great gift for anyone!

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Air pods


I honestly didn’t see the point in these initially, then my son won a pair from a fundraiser at school, now I want to steal them when he’s not using them! They are much more convenient than my other blue tooth head phones and ear buds.


Gel eye mask


This gets quite a bit of use around here too! Not only can you use it for puffy eyes, you can use it for headaches, sinus pressure or when you need to keep an cool pack on your arm or leg!


Washable rug


These beautiful WASHABLE rugs are perfect for messy kids and pets, or any other messy people that you live with!It’s the perfect gift for mom, it keeps things cleaner, easier!! They hold up to multiple washings! YAY!!

Blanket with a pocket for your feet!!!


I was searching for something else and this popped up! I need this blanket for my ice cold feet!!

I hope you can find a few items here to either treat yourself or share with loved ones that want to show their appreciation for you!


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