Gift ideas for Tween and Teens Part 2

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So I recently made a list of gift ideas for teens and tweens, it’s been very popular and I have more ideas! Here are some more gift ideas!

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Water Bottle Stickers!!

These are perfect for your teens water bottle/hydro flask.  It’s a great way to personalize their bottles and avoid mix-ups!

Inflatable furniture


My tweens love their inflatable furniture! It’s easy to store when they aren’t using it and it’s easy to use anywhere.  We usually use a hairdryer on the cool setting to blow up inside.  Outside you can just use the wind!

Gaming Chairs

There are several choices in gaming chairs, depending on your price range.

The hoodie

Most teens and tweens live in hoodies, you can’t go wrong with a hoodie! Hint: buy it big, they all wear them over sized!

Bluetooth Beanie

This is a great option for when your teen is out sledding, snowboarding or just needs to be hands free in the winter!

Laser tag!

My kids love laser tag, but it’s not always convenient or a budget friendly activity.  With this you just grad a friend or 3 and play in your own yard or basement!

Board Games

I know, they often play video games, but if you can find the right board game, many tweens and teens will give it a try. Here are a few suggestions:


Hopefully you can get a few gift ideas from here that are perfect for the tweens and teens in your life.

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