Teen/Tween Gift Ideas 2019

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Tweens and Teens are often hard to buy for.  I have come up with a list of gift ideas just for you!

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Hydro Flask

Yes, it may seem like an expensive water bottle, but it is very durable and it’s currently very popular with teen and tweens.  It really keeps your drinks cold or hot if you put a hot drink inside. (BONUS you can use the handle to make friendship bracelets!!)

Friendship bracelets

Speaking of friendship bracelets, your child might need some thread to make their own!

How to make friendship bracelets

And you’ll need a book to go with it!! This book have many designs to make extraordinary bracelets.

Hair Scrunchies


These realistic looking scrunchies make the messy bun look super easy! They come in a variety of colors and will match about any hair color!

Seashell necklace

This necklace is so cute! It’s on trend right now and it’s classic.  I have one (on gold chain) that was my grandmother’s! These shells are timeless.


THEY’RE BACK!! These are perfect to wear on your wrist and have handy if you need to put your hair up! They are great accessories!

Stainless Steal Straws


These straws are collapsible and easy to carry! Tweens and teens are often concerned about taking care of the planet and want to #savetheturtles  and this is an easy way to avoid plastic straws.


Crocs are back too! There are so many styles.  They even come with sherpa lining!!

Bluetooth beanie

Tweens and teens love their bluetooth stuff and this beanie is perfect for the athlete that wants to run when it’s cold, or just hanging outside.  Your kid will love it!

This Shocking Game


A step up from trick gum this game is for the dare devil in your house.  This is NOT recommended for kids under the age of 14!Everyone grabs a handle and when the light turns green you press your button and the last one to press it gets a shock!

Spike Ball!

Our kids love this game and it’s always a hit when we take it to gatherings.  You can even play it indoors, if you don’t go too crazy with it!

Bluetooth earbuds


I know I’m hesitant to spend money on Apple Airpods, these are a great alternative.  Same idea, not as expensive!

Phone Holder


Tweens and teens are all about making videos with their phones, this gives them a hands free option!

Hydro Backpack


This backpack it perfect for bike rides and hikes, it keeps your hands free and you can carry more water more easily.

Hopefully these ideas will help you find something that your child will love! Please feel free to share your ideas!

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