MAPLE HOLISTICS Apple cider vinegar shampoo

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Recently I had the opportunity to try Maple Holistic’s apple cider vinegar shampoo. This is my absolute favorite shampoo. It doesn’t take very much and it creates a luscious lather. My hair feels so soft while I’m washing it. It contains apple cider vinegar with the blend of rosemary and wild mint essential oils. It also contains sunflower, Argan, castor and jojoba oils. It does not smell like apple cider vinegar! Using natural fragrances they make it smell sweet and fruity. After using this shampoo my hair feels very soft.  It is so easy to comb through.  This is a fabulous non-toxic option for personal care.

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This awesome product is available from Maple Holistics at: This link

You can also purchase from Amazon.

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