My Mission, Why I blog

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My mission, the reason I blog…My main goal with my blog is to reach out to parents and bring them hope.  Raising kids is so hard! It can feel so isolating. It boggles my mind how isolating it is, when so many people are doing it.  So many people in our lives are parents.  Parenting has been a thing since the beginning of time.  God has been parenting us since he created us and we have been parenting children since soon after that. It is incredible difficult.  There is so much pressure to do it right and have great kids that turn into great adults.  Can I tell you something that might take a little pressure off?  God parented Adam and Eve, they had the best example of parenting, they had the most patient and loving Father, yet they still defied him and made bad choices! If the best Father ever had kids that defied him, what makes you think you should do better?  We need to keep them alive, love them, model good choices and then we have to LET THEM FAIL!  We cannot and should not save them from everything!

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So I want to reach out to other parents and offer them hope.  It might be through parenting tips, sharing heartache and frustrations or sharing a laugh.  I want to share fun things I do with my family, things I enjoy, products that make my life easier etc.

I am a member of a few online parent support groups, mostly dealing with kids with ADHD and other diagnosis that go along with it.  Everyday I see parents that feel hopeless, frustrated, sad and fearful of what the future holds for them and their child.  I do no have all the answers, but I wan to reach out to each one and bring them hope.  I cannot do that. I know I cannot reach each one.  I’m hoping I can reach some and in turn those parents can reach others.  I picture a domino effect of hope.  I want to change the mind of teachers and administrators, classmates and their parents that see kids that struggle as “bad kids”, I want them to see past the struggles to the kid underneath.  The kid that is just unlucky, the kid that didn’t automatically come equipped with the ability to meet every expectation set before him/her.  I want them to see that the kid is struggling with a problem, the kid isn’t the problem.  The behaviors they see are just hiding root cause of the issues.  It doesn’t have to be so hard.  So many kids, families and teachers are suffering from the effects of mismanagement of children and expectations.  I truly believe that if everyone could see kids as people that have a wide variety of needs, and just need to be treated with respect and be taught the skills to cope with emotions and problem solve issues (instead of 1 person forcing their plan upon others), so many issues would be reduced.

I believe our kids and us parents live in the most stressful point in history.  We are bombarded with information.  Sometimes it’s good, most of the time, it causes stress.  Our  kids are pushed harder to learn things early, to excel at sports and extra curricular activities in stead of just enjoying them and being a kid! They have to sit more during school then many are scheduled in several things after school.  Sometimes it’s just too much! As parents we get conflicting information.  “Teach your kids to read by age 3” “Make them choose 1 sport and specialize in it early.” “Reduce screen, but here at school we are rolling out 1:1 devices!”  “Your kid needs medication” “Medication is poison!” “Your kid had ADHD!” “ADHD is fake!”  The list goes on and on.  It’s confusing  and hard.  I also want to say, “You are not alone!”  I don’t have all the answers.  I can be with you on this journey, even if it’s just virtually, you are not alone!


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