I’m not an artist, but I can be creative

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It doesn’t take an artist to expose your children to art or encourage their creative process.  Art is really about the process, but it’s fun to have some nice products too!  I am not artistic. I can barely draw stick people that look like stick people! I can draw a smiley face!  🙂 I did, however, find a great site for printable artwork for the kids. http://learncreatelove.com/ I am excited to print off some of these printables for my kids.

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There are many things you can do with your kids that are very creative but do not require an artist’s touch. When in doubt finger painting on any paper is a great way to inspire creativity.  I also like to find various things around the house and try them out as painting utensils, Flyswatters, (best for outdoors!), cotton swabs, cotton balls, leaves, feathers, stamps, toothpicks, toy car tires, plastic animals (for footprints), marbles or other small balls.  These are just the beginning! Do not hold yourself back because you are not an artist! The main point for parents and kids is to explore and have fun! Maybe your greatest project will be the memories you create!

Other easy art projects include mosaics, paint pouring, stamping and sand art.  For mosaics you can cut out small pieces of colored construction paper or you can buy pre-cut mosaic paper squares.  If your child wants to work on cutting skills, they can cut their own.

Paint pouring can be very messy and is not for the faint of heart.  You can pour paint into the middle of a canvas straight from the bottle or use a funnel.  You might want to wear clothes for getting messy or a paint smock like this one. (I like it because of the elastic at the sleeves. ) You can layer 3-4 different colors.  You can do shades of 1 color or any combination.

Stamping is easy. You can buy a stamp kit like this one or use sponge stamps.  You can use ink pads or pour a little paint onto a paper plate.  I have saved foam meat trays to use as a paint palette too. (Please sanitize before use!)

Have you ever added texture to finger paint?  You can add a little bit of sand, sugar or salt to make it gritty, some kids will be bothered by the texture so you might want to test just a little and have your child feel it first.

You can also create fun 3 dimensional art by adding white glue to shaving cream.  The biggest problem with this activity is that kids usually just like to smash it flat and smear it all around (that is fun too, but no need to add glue.) If you can get them to let it dry while 3D, it will dry into the shapes you make it. Keep an eye out for future posts with more creative art activities for kids!

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