Sensory Room Must Haves

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So many kids have sensory issues.  They process sensory input in different ways than most people.  Most of us have sensory preferences, we like spicy food, or to sleep with our feet outside of the blankets.  For most of us by the time we are adults we can cope with all the sensory input we are met with each day.  For many kids, this is not the case.  They need extra input or they need to block out some of that input.  Many kids would benefit from a sensory room.  I would love to have all these things in our house and wish that each kid had access to what they need at school.  Here are some items for my dream sensory room.

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Sensory Room Must Haves


If I was setting up a sensory room in a school or clinic, I’d have to go for one of these sensory rooms.

I wish each and every kid had access to the sensory tools that they needed.  Does your child get enough activity in their day?  Many school ages children need to sit for long periods of time each day.  If your child needs to move more, share this post   If your child needs fidget tools for the classroom you can find my list of teacher approved fidgets here.

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