You Want Me To Do What???

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Kids ask the darnedest things, don’t they? I know mine has asked me to do some things that make me shake my head or roll my eyes in exasperation! When they are just starting to ask questions or for favors they can be so cute! Then they go through a phase that you cannot help them no matter what! They want to do everything themselves.  Then there is the phase where they insist that they cannot complete even the simplest tasks.  These are the things I’m referring to.

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I’m sure we’ve all been asked to carry something of theirs when our hands are overflowing with stuff.  We’ve probably been asked to tie shoes of children old enough to do it because we are able to do it faster than they are.  Here are a few of the more ridiculous requests I have heard from children.

  1. “Please pick these grapes off so I can eat them.”  Really, kid?? Who do you think you are, Ceaser??
  2. I have been asked to hand them something that is 2″ away from their hand when I am in another part of the house.
  3. “Can you sharpen my pencil?”  While I am in the shower with neither a pencil nor a sharpener. That got me a proclamation for “Meanest Mommy Ever”!
  4. I have been asked to hand an item to a child that they just threw out of frustration.  Um, no, you threw it you can pick it up.
  5. “Can you just do my homework for me?” Nope, you need to learn all that math on your own so that you can help your future children understand it!
  6. “Can you make my poster for school, your writing is neater than mine!” Flattery will get you no where! And don’t give me those sad eyes! Who do you think perfected that tactic??
  7. A child relative my mine (I will let this child remain nameless), once tried “You can wipe my butt.”  Making it sound like an honor does not help in this situation!

I’m sure your kids have made ridiculous requests of you.  What are your most eye brow raising?

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