My favorite oils for ADHD

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Everyday I use essential oils. I diffuse them, use them topically and occasionally internally.  I have done research about which oils could be the best for helping ADHD.  I have 2 favorites.  The first one is Vetiver. According to a study published in Journal of Intercultural Ethnopharmacology, inhaling Vetiver can increase attention and may be beneficial to learning and  memory processes.  In another study Dr. Terry S. Friedmann it was found that by smelling Vetiver 3 times a day, the children had improved brain activity and many parents and teachers noted improved behavior. Many children smelling Cedarwood oil had similar effects. I diffuse Vetiver in my son’s room every night and apply it to his neck everyday.  I use a diffuser like this in my son’s room.  For topical application, I mix the Vetiver with Copaiba oil, and refractionated coconut oil in a roller ball. I get mine here.

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My next favorite oil is Copaiba oil, you can read this article about how Copaiba is similar to CBD oil and why some people use it in place of CBD oils. Copaiba oil is looking to be very good for many health issues and if there is a chance it’s going to help with ADHD, then I’m going to use it.

Lavender oil has been found to help improve quality of sleep.  My son doesn’t care for the smell of this one as much so I don’t use it for him. I do use it myself if I have trouble sleeping, which luckily doesn’t happen very often. I’m keeping this on short and sweet. Test out which oils are most calming for your child and family, but I definitely recommend Copaiba and Vetiver.

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