Target has weighted blankets!!

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Did you know you can now get weighted blankets at Target?? Target has many sensory related items.  This store really has everyone in mind!  Get your weighted blanket here (picturefromTargetwebsite)

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They also have fidget cubes and other sensory toys.

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Why should you consider a weighted blanket? Many people feel more secure when a little bit of weight is surrounding them.  Remember how easy it was for you baby to fall asleep when your held them versus when you tried to put them down to sleep in their crib? They liked the gentle pressure of you around them.  Many kids with sensory issues have a hard time staying in a calm and regulated state during sleep. When your eyes are closed your sense of “where am I” is lessened and can heighten anxiety.  The feel of a weighted blanket can help children and adults feel better about where they are in relation to other things. (Often referred to as “body awareness”).  If your child has trouble sleeping, I recommend a weighted blanket.  The recommended weight is 10% of the person’s weight, plus 3.  Please do not use with infants. Consult your doctor for use with toddlers.

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