My Favorite Parenting Books

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I love knowledge! I really like to learn the best way to do the things I want to do or need to do. I have often been one to pick up a parenting book, maybe because my background is in early childhood development and that is also my other job. I have compiled a list of my favorite books on parenting.

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My first favorite is 

This is as close as it gets to a baby manual! If you need a baby shower gift idea, get this book! It explains all the weird, but normal things babies do.  

#2 on my list: 

Surprise, surprise! Yes basically part 2 of the first book.  This really helps make sense of those little ones! 

#3 Moving on to older kids…

  This book really helps you figure out how to address issues you will have with your children.  Children often are not able to meet the expectations we have for them.  The lucky ones are able to roll with it, other kids really struggle with dealing with it.  This book really helps you figure out how to solve those problems and build your relationship with your child. 

#4 If you have a kid that struggles…

  More and more kids are struggling with meeting expectations, struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD and other mental health issues.  This gives you the tools to help your child. I cannot recommend this book enough, if your child is having a hard time. 

#5 This next one is along the same lines as #3 and #4, 

  One thing I really love about this book is how the authors recount times that they messed up, reminding us that we are all human!

#6 Does your child have sensory issues? This is the book for you! 


#7 If that one sounds like something you need check this out: 

these are also helpful: 

#8 This one is a good one too…

  I love that there are several in this series that target different age groups. Those include: 


What is your favorite parenting book? 



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