My Favorite Thanksgiving and Winter Books for Kids

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I love reading books to my kids, it started in utero and I still enjoy reading to them.  When they were a bit younger we read every night, many books, several times. Now they usually read to themselves, but we still try to read a book together when nights are super chaotic.  Here are some of my favorite books to read around the Holidays:

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This book is so much fun to read! My kids LOVE it! I also read it to several preschool classes, it’s always a big hit! (Anything by Robert Munsch is awesome!)


This is for anyone who is a fan of the rhyme “I know an old lady who swallowed a spider”  This is written with the same form and kids love repetitive books. Which brings me to my next recommendation…


Again this book is written in the same form.  It’s fun and always makes the kids laugh! So does this next one!


This book goes right along with the previous 2, lots of silliness and it helps kids love their books! What kid doesn’t like being silly??

5.The next book is called, “The Tale of the Magical Crackers”

Unfortunately, this book is not for resale.  We got this book several years ago and I thought it was going to be a silly advertisement. I was wrong, my kids loved this book! If you happen to see this goodie at a garage sale or resale shop, grab it!


This book follows Harold, (from Harold and the Purple Crayon) on his adventures during Christmas Eve.  It’s really cute and a must have for Harold fans!


I love all the books by Iza Trapani! She takes well known nursery rhymes or songs and makes more verses.  You can “try” to read them or sing the book, (I find singing them much easier than trying to simply read them!)


This is a really cute book with beautiful pictures. There is also a cute video that goes along with it. It’s available on Amazon Prime I love the story of The Snowman.


No winter book list would be complete without “The Mitten”, it’s a cute story of how there is always room for more snuggles!


I was first introduced to this book on “Reading Rainbow”, if you aren’t old enough to know what that is, do yourself a favor and search Youtube! This is a really cute story about a little boy and the snow.  The illustrations are also incredible.  This is a classic!


I hope you enjoy this list and maybe find a new favorite for your family! I’d love to hear about your favorite family books!

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