Our Tie-Dying Adventure

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Recently my boys wanted to tie dye some shirts.  I bought some plain white T’s for them. I decided I wanted to try to dye some myself and went through my closet and pulled out some white shirts that were either dingy or had stains.  I figured I wasn’t going to wear them how they were so why not try to tie them.  We bought this tie-dye kit.  My boys wanted to try special designs.  I was a bit nervous that it wouldn’t turn out how they wanted.  Luckily things worked out great!

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This is the design my youngest chose.  We folded the shirt in half lengthwise and did an accordion fold.  He chose the order of the colors and squirted on the dye.

This one really made me nervous.  I folded in half lengthwise then from top to bottom.  After that, I took the corner that was the middle of the shirt and did an accordion fold at an angle towards the other side.  My son put blue on the sleeve side and red on the other side and left the middle section white.  I was so happy that it turned out so well.

I did less complicated things with my shirts.

All these shirts will see new life! It’s like I just got 5 new shirts!! I’m glad I let them talk me into tie-dying!

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