DIY Kid Hammocks

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My kids love hammocks! They get to be snuggled in and they can sway gently from side to side. A few years ago we came up with an easy way to make them under our dining room table.

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I had 2 pieces of fabric that are 5 yards long. I got it in the clearance section for $1 per yard.  I simply cut it lengthwise to get 2 sections.   You probably don’t need quite so much as we had a lot left over on top of the table. (I initially bought the fabric to make my own baby wearing wrap).  I tie a double knot on top of the table and the fabric hangs underneath.  My young boys had plenty of room.  I didn’t know how long they would fit comfortably but even at 4’9″ my oldest can sit comfortably in one.

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