Teacher Approved Fidgets Tools for the Classroom

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With fidget spinners being all the rage the idea of fidget tools is becoming more mainstream.  Many schools and teachers are banning them from classrooms because they can be so distracting.  Many kids really do need fidget tools to get through the day.  The are often required to sit for long periods of time.  This can make it extremely difficult for most kids to learn.  They need movement to keep their brains working efficiently and to help focus.  We have gone through many of these tools over the years.  I will share with you the best ones!

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Classroom Friendly Fidget tools

  • Bouncy Bands are one of my favorites! They are quiet and unnoticeable in the classroom
  • Velcro is awesome. You can have the teacher place strips of it under the desk so the child can run their fingers across it while sitting at their desk.
  • Tangle Jr. is a great way to keep hands and fingers busy when kids need to listen in class.
  • Wacky Tracks are also a great tool to keep fingers busy or to include in your calming corner.
  • Stress Balls can be perfect for kids with too much energy or those that need to release frustrations.
  • Puffer Balls work well for those kids that need to feel textures, they are soft, can be squeezed, aren’t slimy, but feel good to squish
  • Putty Ok so this might have mixed reviews from teachers, but you can get it in a variety of strengths and the more firm the resistance the better for those that need to work things out or engage those muscles.
  • Dog Tag Chew is just what many kids need. It keeps them from chewing on their clothes and looks cool too.
  • Chewable Pencil Toppers are easy to have for everyone! And it might save your pencils!
  •  Hand Strengtheners are another great option to quietly keep hands busy.
  • Gum can be a great way for kids to stay focused as well.
  • Wobble Seat is a great way for kids to stay seated and sit work on engaging their core and using muscles while seated.


One great thing to remember is that kids do well if they can.  If your child or children in your classroom are struggling, it’s a sign that the need help.  Being active is very helpful for everyone, those that struggle the most often need to move the most.  Unfortunately, this is not always easy in a classroom, but giving them opportunities to engage their muscles as much as possible will certainly help.  Investing in classroom fidget tools could be the way to go! It may be a bit distracting for the first few days, but once the novelty wears off, you will see how helpful these fidget tools really are!

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