Rainy Day Activities to Burn Energy

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As parents we realize that our kids need outlets to burn some energy, that can be easy when the weather is great, but when it’s rainy or too hot, (or too cold) we find ourselves trying to find ways to entertain the kids or keep them busy that might take a bit of creativity.  Here are some of my favorite activities for busy kids. Some things to keep in mind: Activities that have kids moving in circles tend to wind them up and moving in a line is more calming.  Typically kid’s energy comes in spurts, so they may need a break after 15min and be ready to go again 15min later.  Have fun!

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  1. Log rolling.  This is not your typical log rolling. I mean having your kids lie down on the floor and roll sideways, like logs, across the room.  they can do it on their own, or you can help.  You can also wrap them up tight in a blanket and roll them across the floor. (not too tight and keep their face free from the blanket.
  2. Puddle jumping.  This is obviously only going to work on a rainy day, but if there is not lightning in the area, put on some rain gear and get outside, dance in the rain and jump in those puddles!! Kids of all ages love this one!
  3. Scavenger hunt.  This can be adapted to most ages, for the little ones, give them something in plain sight, as the kids get older make the items harder.  If you don’t want the kids dragging everything around the house you can ask them to take pictures of the items they find.
  4. Putty.  I use therapy putty and placed some items into it such as coins or beads.  The child has to dig out all the items.  You may want to keep this at the table or at least off of carpet!
  5. Dance Party.  This is pretty much self-explanatory,  put on some tunes and dance like no one is watching! Your kids will love it!
  6. Cotton ball races. You can do this on a floor or table.  You need straws and cotton balls. You use the straws to blow through to move your cotton towards the finish line.  If you have space I’d do it on the floor so the kids have to lie on their tummy and drag themselves along the floor or crawl to burn more energy.
  7. Crawling races. Crawling is a great way to burn energy and it is a great way to boost brain development (and fine motor skills).  You can play crawling tag or just crawl around a room or down a hallway. If your space is too narrow for 2 at a time and hold a race, just time each participant. If ages are too different to make a fair race, time each participant and challenge them to beat their own initial time.
  8. Wheel barrel walk.  If you are not sure what this is, I’ll explain, have the child get onto crawling position, explain that you will lift her legs while she holds herself up with her arms. You carry her legs while she walks on her hands.  This takes a lot of strength and some kids can’t do it for very long, it will burn some energy!
  9. Fabric Tunnel. You will need to make this ahead of time.  Buy a few yards of a cheap fabric, sew or use Stitch Witchery to close up one side to make a tunnel, hold open one end and have the kids crawl through, they will have to push the fabric as they go through.
  10. Army crawl/obstacle course. You can just have your kids army crawl (belly on the floor as your drag yourself forward) around the room or you can create a path for them to maneuver through.

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