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I don’t know how many others out there are blessed to have a 6-year old that almost constantly needs to be doing some kind of project, but I bet I’m not alone!  He also happens to be an early riser which means at times he’s ready for school 1.5 HOURS before the bus comes. (I’m NOT complaining about that, I know it could be much worse!!) BUT often times at 7 am when he asks to do a project I am not really ready to do one!  So I had this WONDERFUL idea of making up “craft kits”.  I get the materials he needs (minus glue, scissors, markers, and water) and put them all in a plastic baggie.  I also include a piece of paper that says the name of the project and  what other items he needs to gather (glue, glue stick, scissors, water etc.) I keep these materials in a drawer that he can easily access them. Then any instructions he might need.  You can vary your own craft kits depending on the age of your child and how much you plan to be involved in the activity. My goal with these kits was to create things my son could do on his own when I need to get something done like dinner or a shower.  My son has created many of these things, or similar ones before so he knows what to do with little instruction, for example, the paper chain.  He’s made several so I know that if I just give him paper strips and tape he will be able to do it.  I pre-made several pieces such as cutting out many shapes he needs to create something. Ideally, I would just give him the materials and let him do it all himself, but I know he would request assistance cutting out small pieces or help to get all the cut-outs “just right” and since my goal is independent play I pre-made some pieces.

Here’s my stash!!


Some are made from scratch ideas, others are kits I have bought over the years.  Some ideas I got from a craft sales magazine and instead of buying the kit I created it from what I already had.  I did not buy anything today (once I got the idea) but put them all together from things in my craft drawer. (not sure if that is good or scary that I have this much stuff!) I will go through each one and explain it, but I will not get through them all in one shot, so I will come back to this topic often, maybe call the others posts, part 2, part 3 etc. so if you like this idea subscribe and look out for more!!

(Not all will have pics, but they should be self explanatory)

Stuffed Pumpkin


To prep for this one, I cut out 2 identical pieces of foam and stapled it shut leaving an opening of about 5″.  I cut out foam pieces for the face and stem.  I added the note you see along with a partial bag of cotton balls

Create a Turkey


For this one I cut out a turkey head, body, feet, beak, wattle (aka red thing on the beak) self-adhesive googly eyes, fall colored pom poms, pieces to make a pilgrim hat for the turkey, and turkey wings.

Make a Fall Scene


In this bag I put in a blue piece of construction paper, half a green piece cut in a wavy line, and cut out a brown piece in the shape of a tree trunk, along with several fall colored pompoms.

  • Make a paper chain

For this bag, I cut about 30 strips of fall colored paper and tape.

Paper Candy Corn


In this bag, I put 2 orange triangles (about 5″tall) 2 pieces of yellow paper that match the top part of the triangle but are missing the bottom 1.5″,  2 small white triangles, and some googly eyes.  The pieces are layered to form the candy corn.

  • Make a mask

For this bag I put in a plain plastic eye mask that I found in the craft drawer, I believe I bought it at a craft store a few years ago in a 3 pack.  I also included a small package of self-adhesive jewels. I purchased these at a popular stores $1 section.

  • Weave a place mat

In this bag I put a full piece of construction paper, I cut slits across itImage

I also added several strips of paper in fall colors.

  • Spooky house

For this bag I cut out a black outline of a house and added Halloween-themed stickers and a few yellow cut out shapes for windows.  Items needed: glue stick

  • Decorate a bat

This bag has foam bat shaped cut outs and googly eyes. Items needed: glitter glue

  • Fall wreath

In this bag I have foam leaf stickers and an orange paper plate. I cut the center out of the plate to make a ring.

These are the fall themed kits I made today.  Look for more to come soon!!!

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